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well have taken time to go to my dads...mainly to sort out some stuff i want to purchase muahahahaha :D. i saw jill a few days ago, hi jill, sorry i cudnt think of anything interesting to say, i was sinking into caffine withdrawl hehe, and was very sleepy :(, :). i would love to regail people of amazing tales of magick and mystery but unfortunately nothing of this kind has happened recently :(.
i dreamt of women dying in very disturbing ways tho last nite, tho i put this down to the fact i read american psycho before i went to bed...probably not a great idea :S lol. have begun collecting the nightmare on elm street series, yay freddie :D. mr finley tried to remove us from our little quiet peaceful hoveley thing, but i believe he has failed muahahahaah. in lighter college related news i am going to have my photo taken as i got an A in my english a/s, which is nice, i am going to be a cloud of scarey scarey darkness next to preppy pink girlies trying to look pouty, lol.
eep also ,the day of the first years, way scarier than the day of the dead, they were everywhere, 600 of em !!! eep, i was scared. i also managed, quite expertly to avoid james linley while he was trying to make eye contact whilst mocking, he is an amusing person who i wish would die. the first years were everywhere, am very glad they didnt try and steal the hovel, i think i got a few "goff"s but meh no less than im used to :) i was also pissed off cus i was told the foto was for today, but is now thursday....should really remember not towear my "fuck me and marry me young" t shirt....actually maybe i should...lol :D.
also, due to extreme boredom, i have sharpened my nails, they aint too cool yet, but soon they will be muahahahahaha. tonite i have to do some art homework which wont take too long to do, then bath and bed i think. i may explore the 1st nightwish album again, well shall be offs, bye bye, and hi everyone i kno \m/ o_o \m/ hehe.....i amuse myself too easily....
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