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3 in the morning and boreded [10 Jun 2004|03:04am]
[ mood | blah ]

phfft...well as i said tis three in the morn and am bored, hmm am prolly gonna look through ebay and become a little more out of pocket. I saw Big Fish on sale on ebay but then realised i cud buy it new for nearly as much...so did, i'm allowed to treat myself cus its almost my birthday...i suppose. I miss my marki, i know thats stupid cus im gonna see him in a few days but i still miss him. He asked me if i think he's preety and i do but he wont believe me, he has a really low opinion of himself and i cant think of anything that will cheer him up for long periods of time. *sigh* well tis my bday on the 20th, i shall be 18. Not particularly lookin forward to it, i mean theres a nice night out planned (not on the basis of my bday, it is just encompassed into it a lil bit) but its PLANNED and plans never go well with me.
Well if all else fails then i'll just drown my sorrows in a lil meal with mark the next day (take away at mine most likely) and i will buy rum either way cus it is good and very scrummy to drink. I saw Tim today as well, well not so much saw as waved frantically at from a moving bus...he's growin a lil goatee awww hehe. I miss high school, i dunno why because i HATED it but i dunno, it was futher away from grown up job with rules and stuff like that, i could still dream about what i wanted to be. I dont suppose many people know this but i wanna be a film director, the reason i dont really tell ppl is cus its such a cliche now i suppose. Plus the fact im about as inventive as a potato dont help, im also sick of quentin tarantino stoopid guy, his films are following a staid formula of repetition and stoopidness (way to sound objective). I suppose im just being a hypocrite, i mean i just wanna make loads of successful films too and get lots of money and buy a house with a laser gun (laSer...we arent in the US yet) and shoot ppl i dont like. Blah, this really has turned into a random rant now but meh its 3:20 in the morning, its ok. Well suppose i shall bugger off now to search ebay, bye bye :)

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CRAVING!!!!!! [22 May 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | restless ]

:) HEHE...oops...hehe. wow PVC pants *purrs* me want me want...but they £38 :(....ah well tis my bday soon so i can buy them and they will make me feel good and smiley :). the pants are on http://www.gothicasylum.com/...soo shiny :D argh! i cant stop looking at them!!!

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desperate plea [24 Apr 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

hiya, am kinda desperate, hence - desperate plea, am looking for super mario smash brothers for nintendo 64 in good condition (box and instructions optional) for as cheap as possible as the perfect bday gift for my bf. if anyone has it and is willing to sell do TELL ME hehe, plus i suppose i can make some cds along with cash or trade or summat like that :S

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lol [03 Apr 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

hehe, I just noticed that im sharing 666 files on kazaa...well i thought it was funny...hehe...o_O...i think im a bit sad :P

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RAR [03 Apr 2004|01:26pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

well hi :D, i havent posted here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages...so i thought i may as well :). Am bored at dads as per and am downloading skinny puppy tracks yay...but they are being elusive lil buggers >:(, i've pre-ordered the new album that is comin out so yay+2 there but boo :( cus its gonna b a while till its released :(. The thing is tho, i odered it at col just cus it popped up on my hotmail...i think i have an internet spending problem, ah well :P. ooo i havent checked my hotmail yet...well that was pointless, meh. Goin 2 dark cide a bit ago really cheered me up :), i even met a guy who recognised me from the cruxshadows gig in manchester, which was weird, hehe. This outing also introduced me to watermellon bacardi...which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy hehe. Am hoping to go again this month but will haveta save up, yup yup. wow its really raining outside :(. mark sed he'd come over if he was feeling better, he sed he felt a lil better this morning but i dunno if he'll still want to come over. meh, stoopid japanese cartoons and their stoopid dramatic pauses, lol. well am gonna start making cds now so leave a msg if u wanna.

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[01 Feb 2004|04:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

hiya all :D, well im in a fairly good mood today :D. I went to marks and there was a fair amount of both pleasure and pain :(. as you probably dont want to know about the pleasure ill tell the pain. well...simple equasion really;

mesh top+exposed nipple piercing+unexpected jolt = OMFG!!!

well i suppose it hurt, but i was kinda in shock so i didnt notice. i just went and cleaned it a bit, it doesnt look that bad, ive taken it as an omen...if it doent heal after this ill take it out. i dont blame marki, twas an accident after all, but i think it made me ruin the day a bit. so i begged mum to order out for foodies and so mark had pizza (14" margerita) and i had a garlic bread :D, twas nice. Marki went home today so i took the chance to go to dads and make a few new cds (and buy a few more but shhh) im going in about an hour then i will have a loverly bath (that is assuming the light is working in the bathroom) otherwise i'll have to have a shower.....i hate showers. hmm, i really need some new clothes, maybe some good pants or tops...i dunno :(. Blah i suppose thats all. bye bye :D

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Donnie Darko [24 Jan 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

well yet again i am so incredibly bored at my dads. Ive been gathering info online about 'Donnie Darko' for my media coursework piece. If anyone here has a particular opinion about the film i'd appreciate a comment, i.e. reasons you liked/didnt like the film for use in my coursework. I didnt like the film at first viewing, mainly because i really wasnt in the mood for a film when i watched it, but on second,third,fourth,fifth...viewing my intrest has grown and grown. Its made its way into my fav films and if im going to do some coursework then i want to do it on something i like. Yesterday i made my most impulse buy ever, i just saw a book on donnie darko and bought it 2mins later, im glad its actually very very useful. Well im downloading kill bill and scary movie 3 but neither show any sign of being done too soon. hmm, well mark is coming over tonite so am very happy, i think i'll watch DD again tonite and make notes. As i said before ill be very grateful for any opinions on the film :) so im off, bye bye :D.

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blobs! [10 Jan 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Adopt your own useless blob!

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omg an update :O!!! [03 Jan 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow, well i havent updated in ages so i thought i may as well as i am outa things to do :). Well happy new year and christmas to all, except maybe to those who know tomorrow is our last day of freedom before college, ah the joys. I am positive i have forgotten everything i was meant to do :S so thats never good...but on the plus side i have been buying many dvds with my lovery xmas cash so that almost makes up for it,damn you play.com...kinda :S lol. Well, atm am just at my dads, bored obviously, and have just ordered princess blade from play.com (oopsy) and mark is coming over tonite and stopping 2moro so we can get our film studies essays done. should be easier for me than mark cus ive already done a rough draught of mine...where it is im not sure but still its around somewhere :). I wont mind going back to college really, its just the lessons that suck :P hehe, well art and english that is film and media are fine, i need to find a film to study for my micro piece, so i think i'll look for that tonite. I got Dark Water from play yesterday and said i'd watch it with mark so maybe ill have a good look at that. I got some new clothes from manchester yesterday but i prolly wont be able to show em off too soon as its fucking freezing outside and so am hiding in jumpers muahahahahaha....ahem. It'll be good to go back to college and be fully aware that i am one of the best dressed people there :D yay (well at least in my own mind)*shudder* im going to have to put up with form again, biggest waste of time in college. Im gonna haveta find a form for me to apply for courses so i can stop on another year to finish off my film studies course. god im boring myself now so will finish here as probably no-one will will have actually read to this point. nite nite all

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bored [01 Nov 2003|03:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well now...well for a start its fucking freezing in my dads house, i dont know why and cant be bothered asking about it. well...hmm whats happened this week, ive got new furniture in my room *yay* :) but i dont like the curtains, they make my room look all blue and sci-fi :s, shit i have to do that sci -fi bullet point thing aswell for media, blah. *sigh* the half term has fooked off so quickly and im missing it already :(, but yay cus marks stoppin over again tonite...even tho ive seen him basically every day this week its still nice when he stops over :).blah am really bored now, so shall be off, bye bye. oh p.s. i remember aaaaaaages ago someone adding me on msn and saying that they were 'reading my LJ' then they disappeared :s lol, so if you are out there do say hi :)

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[25 Oct 2003|12:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Heya, well i havent updated in...well ages, so i thought i'd update. I'm going out with mark again, which is something that has been on the cards for a while now i suppose, and i havent been this happy and sickeningly smiley for a loooong time so :D. I could write out all the reasons for it but i dont wanna take up ppls friends pages so i wont, basically :). Wow, well as if he knew i just got a call from mark, apparantly where he was stopping in Burnley (he went out there last nite) the persons house he was stoppin at, her mum kinda gave her a bollocking and he got kicked out. But everythings sorted, hes getting the bus to bburn then we are meeting there at 6 and goin to mine, so he'll b stopping at mine tonite. I think im gonna go into bburn on monday and get 28 days later, as its in the HMV sale, i both love and hate that sale, its cost me so much money lol. Well erm, cant really think of anything else...soo erm...oh yeah, was watching graham norton last nite (was bored) and they were on a site with looadsa dutch swear words, so obviously i had to find this site, and i did, here it is


if ur bored it may amuse...bye bye

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update....yay [11 Oct 2003|02:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hmm, well i dont think ive updated for a while so here goes...at the moment im listening to rob zombie "reload" and a bit ago i was working on my media report, which i thoroughly didnt understand. ive either done it really well or really badly...meh...no matter. lately i have become the victim of many many sales, i bought "Razorblade Smile" and "My Little Eye" a few days ago, and only yesterday got "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Animatrix" from hmv, goddamn the hmv sale :(. Hehe, ive also pursuaded daddy to buy me "The Matrix Reloaded" on dvd...i think, :S i can never be sure with dad...

I've also cut down the people on my msn thing, i cant belive how many ppl i had on there that i actually didnt know at all :O!! lol, well they gone now. Hmm, also on the subject of gone...i wonder where everyone is? am at dads and there is no-one here :S, ah well. I cant wait to go to see the matrix reloaded at the imac :D, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig screen...as i think ive told ppl a bit too much :S lol. i havent been to the cinema since Freddy vs Jason (freddy rules.....*goes on to do a freddy cheer*) erm...well thats about it really, nuthin much been happening, and now am off to watch a south park episode :D. bye bye

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meh [27 Sep 2003|05:08pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

teeeeny rantCollapse )

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mmmm jonny depp :D, and yay freddy krueger [06 Sep 2003|01:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

:D well last nite was a fun nite in watching videos :). i watched a few of the nightmare on elm street videos i got in a trade with hugh

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:D well last nite was a fun nite in watching videos :). i watched a few of the nightmare on elm street videos i got in a trade with hugh <lj-user="phoenixx235"> and also watched wishmaster and the ninth gate, hmm i think i preferred the nightmare on elm street lot to the others, tis creepy to see johnny depp so young :S lol, but i did get to see a bit of flesh in the ninth gate so cant complain :D. am at the moment enjoying a cheezeburger made...grudgingly...by my dad but meh tis still yummy. i am actually still very groggy so i'll go back to sleep possibly in a bit. may update later :)
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survey stolen from marilynmissexy [03 Sep 2003|06:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

surveyCollapse )

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[02 Sep 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | okay ]

well have taken time to go to my dads...mainly to sort out some stuff i want to purchase muahahahaha :D. i saw jill a few days ago, hi jill, sorry i cudnt think of anything interesting to say, i was sinking into caffine withdrawl hehe, and was very sleepy :(, :). i would love to regail people of amazing tales of magick and mystery but unfortunately nothing of this kind has happened recently :(.
i dreamt of women dying in very disturbing ways tho last nite, tho i put this down to the fact i read american psycho before i went to bed...probably not a great idea :S lol. have begun collecting the nightmare on elm street series, yay freddie :D. mr finley tried to remove us from our little quiet peaceful hoveley thing, but i believe he has failed muahahahaah. in lighter college related news i am going to have my photo taken as i got an A in my english a/s, which is nice, i am going to be a cloud of scarey scarey darkness next to preppy pink girlies trying to look pouty, lol.
eep also ,the day of the first years, way scarier than the day of the dead, they were everywhere, 600 of em !!! eep, i was scared. i also managed, quite expertly to avoid james linley while he was trying to make eye contact whilst mocking, he is an amusing person who i wish would die. the first years were everywhere, am very glad they didnt try and steal the hovel, i think i got a few "goff"s but meh no less than im used to :) i was also pissed off cus i was told the foto was for today, but is now thursday....should really remember not towear my "fuck me and marry me young" t shirt....actually maybe i should...lol :D.
also, due to extreme boredom, i have sharpened my nails, they aint too cool yet, but soon they will be muahahahahaha. tonite i have to do some art homework which wont take too long to do, then bath and bed i think. i may explore the 1st nightwish album again, well shall be offs, bye bye, and hi everyone i kno \m/ o_o \m/ hehe.....i amuse myself too easily....

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[02 Sep 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

questionnaireCollapse )

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[30 Aug 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

well, last nite was good :), mark came over and we watched Jason goes to hell on my bros PS2, after picking it up from my grans at the middle of the night then gettin called batman, then freaks. if i see those little sluts again they'll regret that. but no matter about that, we had jelly and loadsa food :D, twas fun then i was knackered so i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. i'd also re-dyed my hair beforehand, i hate it when i have to re-dye my hair cus im always paranoid ive missed a spot, cus i usually have lol.
am sat at my dads now eating jaffa cakes, whcih are the cheap and nasty ones so they taste crap :(, meh. and tonite im gonna be home alone O_O with my dog and rabbits...and i actually have to tidy up and wash up :O , yeah im a lazy git muahahaha. but im getting paid for it, so not too bad. on the topic of money i also got my aplication form for express gifts :(, i dont really wanna work there but i need the money cus i cant do want i want on the money im being given, im more interested in saving at the moment, after seeing marks sister and how she's living at uni it would be a really good idea to put quite a bit of money away for when i do go. i mean, student accomodation is eepy. blah well am bored now so will update again when i have more interesting stuff to moan/bla about. :)

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wots wrong with me? [23 Aug 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

jesus christ, seriously what the hell is wrong with me? i mean, i get insulted in my home village: [thats unusual] i get insulted in blackburn/accrington/ossy...basically anywhere near my local area: [understandable cus i live near asshole populations] i get insulted at college: [dont get me started] i get insulted in leeds: [where there are people who look more unusual than me, tho i think they look cool, and they dont get insulted]...

and the final nail in the coffin...i get insulted, mocked get called "mr. black" "my new best mate carl black" :S....when....not 10 metres away there is a fucking gay parade where they are all dressed up as devils with red paint and horns and clothes and are prancing around like fairys with glitter everywhere and none of the poeple insulting me even bat an eyelid..i mean what the fuck is wrong with me....not only that there were loads of "alternative/gothic" people around me , on their own so that isnt a factor and they go out of their way (fucking asshole townie twats) to hunt down and insult ME...and then when i get back from manchester after an exhausting treck round the manchester shopping district,with no food or drink in my body apart from a very strong espresso to keep me moving, i get noticed by people who used to go to my school and get laughed at again...fat bastard, and because of him i forget to buy the black hair dye i wanted for me to dye my hair with before i go back to college.

i just feel like a ten ton bag of shit and i dont want to be on my own tonite so i asked mark to come over, he is bringing the devils advocate to watch...so we can both perv on keanu reeves....on the plus side i bought a bug bag, not really what i had in mind but it works and has room and such, so its ok. god i just feel like shit, and it dont help that i need coffee to stay awake now, otherwise ill crash and burn....goddamn it i hate today, i just hope things will get better, i knew i felt fucking ill for a reason. crap day

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[23 Aug 2003|07:46am]
o..............k, well my arm just totally fell asleep..it was a surreal experience, and not one i want to re-live, especially in manchester...now i have to get off my ass, its coffee time, but i need to stop myself before i go hyper again..ah well...coffee time :D...lol...erm i was meant to post that before i went to get the coffee but i forgot to...id better start drinking :|
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