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3 in the morning and boreded

phfft...well as i said tis three in the morn and am bored, hmm am prolly gonna look through ebay and become a little more out of pocket. I saw Big Fish on sale on ebay but then realised i cud buy it new for nearly as much...so did, i'm allowed to treat myself cus its almost my birthday...i suppose. I miss my marki, i know thats stupid cus im gonna see him in a few days but i still miss him. He asked me if i think he's preety and i do but he wont believe me, he has a really low opinion of himself and i cant think of anything that will cheer him up for long periods of time. *sigh* well tis my bday on the 20th, i shall be 18. Not particularly lookin forward to it, i mean theres a nice night out planned (not on the basis of my bday, it is just encompassed into it a lil bit) but its PLANNED and plans never go well with me.
Well if all else fails then i'll just drown my sorrows in a lil meal with mark the next day (take away at mine most likely) and i will buy rum either way cus it is good and very scrummy to drink. I saw Tim today as well, well not so much saw as waved frantically at from a moving bus...he's growin a lil goatee awww hehe. I miss high school, i dunno why because i HATED it but i dunno, it was futher away from grown up job with rules and stuff like that, i could still dream about what i wanted to be. I dont suppose many people know this but i wanna be a film director, the reason i dont really tell ppl is cus its such a cliche now i suppose. Plus the fact im about as inventive as a potato dont help, im also sick of quentin tarantino stoopid guy, his films are following a staid formula of repetition and stoopidness (way to sound objective). I suppose im just being a hypocrite, i mean i just wanna make loads of successful films too and get lots of money and buy a house with a laser gun (laSer...we arent in the US yet) and shoot ppl i dont like. Blah, this really has turned into a random rant now but meh its 3:20 in the morning, its ok. Well suppose i shall bugger off now to search ebay, bye bye :)
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