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well hi :D, i havent posted here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages...so i thought i may as well :). Am bored at dads as per and am downloading skinny puppy tracks yay...but they are being elusive lil buggers >:(, i've pre-ordered the new album that is comin out so yay+2 there but boo :( cus its gonna b a while till its released :(. The thing is tho, i odered it at col just cus it popped up on my hotmail...i think i have an internet spending problem, ah well :P. ooo i havent checked my hotmail yet...well that was pointless, meh. Goin 2 dark cide a bit ago really cheered me up :), i even met a guy who recognised me from the cruxshadows gig in manchester, which was weird, hehe. This outing also introduced me to watermellon bacardi...which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy hehe. Am hoping to go again this month but will haveta save up, yup yup. wow its really raining outside :(. mark sed he'd come over if he was feeling better, he sed he felt a lil better this morning but i dunno if he'll still want to come over. meh, stoopid japanese cartoons and their stoopid dramatic pauses, lol. well am gonna start making cds now so leave a msg if u wanna.
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