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hiya all :D, well im in a fairly good mood today :D. I went to marks and there was a fair amount of both pleasure and pain :(. as you probably dont want to know about the pleasure ill tell the pain. well...simple equasion really;

mesh top+exposed nipple piercing+unexpected jolt = OMFG!!!

well i suppose it hurt, but i was kinda in shock so i didnt notice. i just went and cleaned it a bit, it doesnt look that bad, ive taken it as an omen...if it doent heal after this ill take it out. i dont blame marki, twas an accident after all, but i think it made me ruin the day a bit. so i begged mum to order out for foodies and so mark had pizza (14" margerita) and i had a garlic bread :D, twas nice. Marki went home today so i took the chance to go to dads and make a few new cds (and buy a few more but shhh) im going in about an hour then i will have a loverly bath (that is assuming the light is working in the bathroom) otherwise i'll have to have a shower.....i hate showers. hmm, i really need some new clothes, maybe some good pants or tops...i dunno :(. Blah i suppose thats all. bye bye :D
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