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Donnie Darko

well yet again i am so incredibly bored at my dads. Ive been gathering info online about 'Donnie Darko' for my media coursework piece. If anyone here has a particular opinion about the film i'd appreciate a comment, i.e. reasons you liked/didnt like the film for use in my coursework. I didnt like the film at first viewing, mainly because i really wasnt in the mood for a film when i watched it, but on second,third,fourth,fifth...viewing my intrest has grown and grown. Its made its way into my fav films and if im going to do some coursework then i want to do it on something i like. Yesterday i made my most impulse buy ever, i just saw a book on donnie darko and bought it 2mins later, im glad its actually very very useful. Well im downloading kill bill and scary movie 3 but neither show any sign of being done too soon. hmm, well mark is coming over tonite so am very happy, i think i'll watch DD again tonite and make notes. As i said before ill be very grateful for any opinions on the film :) so im off, bye bye :D.
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