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omg an update :O!!!

wow, well i havent updated in ages so i thought i may as well as i am outa things to do :). Well happy new year and christmas to all, except maybe to those who know tomorrow is our last day of freedom before college, ah the joys. I am positive i have forgotten everything i was meant to do :S so thats never good...but on the plus side i have been buying many dvds with my lovery xmas cash so that almost makes up for it,damn you play.com...kinda :S lol. Well, atm am just at my dads, bored obviously, and have just ordered princess blade from play.com (oopsy) and mark is coming over tonite and stopping 2moro so we can get our film studies essays done. should be easier for me than mark cus ive already done a rough draught of mine...where it is im not sure but still its around somewhere :). I wont mind going back to college really, its just the lessons that suck :P hehe, well art and english that is film and media are fine, i need to find a film to study for my micro piece, so i think i'll look for that tonite. I got Dark Water from play yesterday and said i'd watch it with mark so maybe ill have a good look at that. I got some new clothes from manchester yesterday but i prolly wont be able to show em off too soon as its fucking freezing outside and so am hiding in jumpers muahahahahaha....ahem. It'll be good to go back to college and be fully aware that i am one of the best dressed people there :D yay (well at least in my own mind)*shudder* im going to have to put up with form again, biggest waste of time in college. Im gonna haveta find a form for me to apply for courses so i can stop on another year to finish off my film studies course. god im boring myself now so will finish here as probably no-one will will have actually read to this point. nite nite all
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