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well now...well for a start its fucking freezing in my dads house, i dont know why and cant be bothered asking about it. well...hmm whats happened this week, ive got new furniture in my room *yay* :) but i dont like the curtains, they make my room look all blue and sci-fi :s, shit i have to do that sci -fi bullet point thing aswell for media, blah. *sigh* the half term has fooked off so quickly and im missing it already :(, but yay cus marks stoppin over again tonite...even tho ive seen him basically every day this week its still nice when he stops over :).blah am really bored now, so shall be off, bye bye. oh p.s. i remember aaaaaaages ago someone adding me on msn and saying that they were 'reading my LJ' then they disappeared :s lol, so if you are out there do say hi :)
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