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Heya, well i havent updated in...well ages, so i thought i'd update. I'm going out with mark again, which is something that has been on the cards for a while now i suppose, and i havent been this happy and sickeningly smiley for a loooong time so :D. I could write out all the reasons for it but i dont wanna take up ppls friends pages so i wont, basically :). Wow, well as if he knew i just got a call from mark, apparantly where he was stopping in Burnley (he went out there last nite) the persons house he was stoppin at, her mum kinda gave her a bollocking and he got kicked out. But everythings sorted, hes getting the bus to bburn then we are meeting there at 6 and goin to mine, so he'll b stopping at mine tonite. I think im gonna go into bburn on monday and get 28 days later, as its in the HMV sale, i both love and hate that sale, its cost me so much money lol. Well erm, cant really think of anything else...soo erm...oh yeah, was watching graham norton last nite (was bored) and they were on a site with looadsa dutch swear words, so obviously i had to find this site, and i did, here it is


if ur bored it may amuse...bye bye
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