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well, last nite was good :), mark came over and we watched Jason goes to hell on my bros PS2, after picking it up from my grans at the middle of the night then gettin called batman, then freaks. if i see those little sluts again they'll regret that. but no matter about that, we had jelly and loadsa food :D, twas fun then i was knackered so i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. i'd also re-dyed my hair beforehand, i hate it when i have to re-dye my hair cus im always paranoid ive missed a spot, cus i usually have lol.
am sat at my dads now eating jaffa cakes, whcih are the cheap and nasty ones so they taste crap :(, meh. and tonite im gonna be home alone O_O with my dog and rabbits...and i actually have to tidy up and wash up :O , yeah im a lazy git muahahaha. but im getting paid for it, so not too bad. on the topic of money i also got my aplication form for express gifts :(, i dont really wanna work there but i need the money cus i cant do want i want on the money im being given, im more interested in saving at the moment, after seeing marks sister and how she's living at uni it would be a really good idea to put quite a bit of money away for when i do go. i mean, student accomodation is eepy. blah well am bored now so will update again when i have more interesting stuff to moan/bla about. :)
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