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wots wrong with me?

jesus christ, seriously what the hell is wrong with me? i mean, i get insulted in my home village: [thats unusual] i get insulted in blackburn/accrington/ossy...basically anywhere near my local area: [understandable cus i live near asshole populations] i get insulted at college: [dont get me started] i get insulted in leeds: [where there are people who look more unusual than me, tho i think they look cool, and they dont get insulted]...

and the final nail in the coffin...i get insulted, mocked get called "mr. black" "my new best mate carl black" :S....when....not 10 metres away there is a fucking gay parade where they are all dressed up as devils with red paint and horns and clothes and are prancing around like fairys with glitter everywhere and none of the poeple insulting me even bat an eyelid..i mean what the fuck is wrong with me....not only that there were loads of "alternative/gothic" people around me , on their own so that isnt a factor and they go out of their way (fucking asshole townie twats) to hunt down and insult ME...and then when i get back from manchester after an exhausting treck round the manchester shopping district,with no food or drink in my body apart from a very strong espresso to keep me moving, i get noticed by people who used to go to my school and get laughed at again...fat bastard, and because of him i forget to buy the black hair dye i wanted for me to dye my hair with before i go back to college.

i just feel like a ten ton bag of shit and i dont want to be on my own tonite so i asked mark to come over, he is bringing the devils advocate to watch...so we can both perv on keanu reeves....on the plus side i bought a bug bag, not really what i had in mind but it works and has room and such, so its ok. god i just feel like shit, and it dont help that i need coffee to stay awake now, otherwise ill crash and burn....goddamn it i hate today, i just hope things will get better, i knew i felt fucking ill for a reason. crap day
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